Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Stupid Spriggans

Yep… there is an element of stupidity in Spriggan Mist….not as much as The Dolmen (they are plain barking ) but none the less an element that can't be ignored and has to be shared.
I have actually written about the early days of Ann-Mari being in the band, knocking on the wrong door when coming to rehearse at our house…Not only the wrong door but  the wrong road…but her latest escapade trumps this by miles, about 300 miles to be exact. Apart from being the lead singer of Spriggan Mist and a highly acclaimed fitness proffessional and consumer of three shredded wheat, Ann-Mari does some garderning just for those extra pennies which enable her to buy the shiny stuff that she is famed for.
We had lent her a little  trailer for her gardening tools some time ago as her convertible , even with the roof down just wasn't big enough.She decided she needed to upgrade to a bigger trailer so  after embarking on the trailer quest on ebay she bought the answer to her needs and returned our little trailer to us and set off to Chatham in Kent where said trailer was waiting for collection no doubt dreaming of all the forks and spades she could load up in this big baby! Except when she had battled the M25 and got to chatham two hours later, the trailer she had just payed hard earned cash for was exactly the same as the one she had just returned to us…the dimensions were of the overall  trailer not just the box. I bet the journey back was a very long one, but at least she went on the right day!.
Kim our newest Spriggan decided she would set off nice and early for a slate painting workshop on a Tuesday night only to be a week early, how keen was that? But before you all cry Foul! That I am poking fun at my bandmates travel mishaps, only today did I have one of those stupid Spriggan moments whilst driving wifey's car. (The Sprig mobile is in fact at the menders with several things being wrong with it). Whilst happily driving along  it kept beeping at me, just  after I went up a hill. Hmm I thought maybe we are in need of diesel, (flashbacks to another stupid Spriggan moment when I filled the sprigg mobile up with £74 worth of unleaded on Valentines day a few years back …) but the alarm kept going…so I started to talk to the car  (we all do it)
"What's wrong ? 
Beep beep beep
Why are you beeping at me !
Beep beep beep
You have diesel, no  lights illuminating , give me a break!...what ?
Beep beep beep
What do you want from me ? Aghhhhh!
Beep beep beep
This went on for several miles I finally realised it sounded like the seatbelt alarm  I checked my seatbelt, all ok, I was the only one in the car  …then eeerily, I  thought that maybe the ghost in the passenger seat might not be wearing one. So in a flash of realisation I moved my rucsac off of the passenger seat and it finally stopped ! Huzzah …… how stupid of me … was the bag on the passenger seat all along.
Bit excessive that Maxine has put a sensor in her car warning about not putting bags on the seats though!…….  jeeez!

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